Golf Lessons in Toronto and the GTA

Find the Right Teacher, Improve Faster!

    If you want to truly improve your golf game, we highly suggest taking golf lessons from a qualified teaching professional. Learn from one of our verified Tracer Teachers or from one of many golf teaching professionals that use our facilites.

    Tracer Golf’s Open Teacher Philosophy

    At Tracer Golf, all golf coaches are welcome to provide lessons. Our open approach to teachers is extremely important to us. By allowing access to all golf teaching professionals, students can be assured of getting the best teacher that suits their needs. Students are not forced to use a specific teacher simply because they have a business relationship with a golf driving range. This is the only way to ensure you are learning from the most effective teacher for you. This is also how we help you to practice more, play more, and improve faster.

    Verified Tracer Teacher

    Tracer Teacher is a teaching professional that has been verified by Tracer Golf.

    Whether you’re looking for a golf coach for beginners or a swing coach to refine your swing, our teachers can help you improve your game.

    Each Tracer Teacher is under contract with Tracer Golf and must abide by Tracer Golf’s code of conduct for teachers.

    Book with confidence. Book with a Tracer Teacher.

    Before You Begin Your Search

    Determine your golf goals. 

    • Are you a beginner and just want to learn the basics?
    • Do you want more ball striking control in order to shape your shots?
    • Are you just trying not to slice it 30 yards?
    • Do you want to fine tune your short iron distances?
    • Do you just want to make sure you don’t embarrass yourself at the next company golf tournament?

    Once you figure out your goals, make sure you can commit the time to practice. Without deliberate practice, the lessons will be wasted. Practice time doesn’t even have to be at a driving range. Grab that pencil and practice your grip. Think about your posture and alignment while making lunch. Be obsessed with golf because there’s nothing like puring that long iron.

    Now you are ready to find the teacher that’s right for you.

    How to Select the Right Golf Instructor

    We have created a short checklist to help you in your journey to select the right coach for you. You should revisit this every once in a while, as over time you may change coaches as your golf swing progresses.

    Chemistry and Fit

    Your relationship with your coach needs to be built on trust. Take time to evaluate their personality and think about how this relationship will progress over time. There is obviously the main goal of improving your golf game, but this is also for fun and entertainment. You should be enjoying yourself while you learn and get better. Golf is a mental game and your coach is part of your team.


    Open and comfortable communication between you and your coach is also vital. Communicating concepts in a clear and concise manner is important to help you to apply the techniques properly.

    This is also a multicultural country and world. If you are more comfortable receiving instruction in a different language then that should absolutely be a part of your selection criteria. We are quite proud to see the complete spectrum of people at our facilities, including coaches who speak a variety of languages.


    Many people or websites will tell you PGA membership is important in selecting a teacher. Certainly there are a set of basic tests that a CPGA or CGTF professional will be required to complete. While it is an indicator of some skill and demonstrates a level of dedication to the teaching profession, it is only one variable in assessing the quality of instruction.

    We think you should find a coach that is a true student of the game and constantly learning the swing and how to teach. Does your coach truly understand the golf swing and the sequencing of events to create a positive result?

    Track Record

    As with hiring any other professional service, conduct some research with their online presence. Get references or testimonials from friends or current students. If your golf goals are more specific, then absolutely dig deeper into the success records of your specific needs.

    Golf Swing Philosophy

    For more advanced players it is important to understand the coach’s golf swing philosophy. Some coaches may be more inclined to break down your swing completely while others may insist on working with smaller adjustments.


    Golf can be an expensive game. One of the reasons we created Tracer Golf was to keep golf affordable for everyone. By keeping cost low, not only can you afford lessons, you can practice more after your lessons making them much more effective.

    Hourly rates for golf teachers vary widely.  You should expect anywhere from $50 to $150 per hour. We suggest taking a single test lesson before committing to larger packages.

    If budget is an issue, group lessons can be a great way to save money. You may also meet some great people too.