I don’t believe in beating golf balls to get better.

Kumar Cherla

CGTF Teaching Professional

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  • $109+tax full swing analysis (1 hour)
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What you receive:

  • Video Swing Analysis showing your correct Swing Movements and Incorrect Movements
  • Fix or Improve at least One Swing or Short Game Fault
  • Written Summary Material
  • Practice Drills


$145/hr +tax

Min Session Length: 1 hr

Max # of students/session: 2

Cancellation Policy: 24 hrs

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About Coach Kumar

Teaches in: English

Professional Accreditation: (View Certificate)

Teaching Method

Kumar teaches Feel Golf: the ability to hit down-the-line shots – even if you haven’t played for months. With over 30 years of competing, playing and teaching experience, the concept of ‘You have to hit lots of golf balls and play a lot to get better’ does not exist in his lexicon.

Mathematically trained from Waterloo University, Kumar has developed new and exciting teaching techniques and measurements that reveal why your current swing is not getting the desired results.

If you are an existing golfer, Kumar will run video analysis and run 11 tests to diagnose your entire swing. From this, you will jointly develop a strategy of attack to remove those faults. By the end of your lesson, you will have noticeably improved.

“Have no idea where the ball will go when you are on the T box? Tired of hitting slices with your driver or hitting behind the ball?

Call me for help. I have Decades of teaching experience…

My proven STEP-STEP SYSTEM – acquired over 35 years – will take the mystery out of the game for YOU.

I teach both the Why (theory) and the How (practical) in the Golf Swing.

Here are some more concerns you might have:

0. You are constantly being beaten by your friends.
1. Hate that slice or hook!
1.1 Want to learn some key ‘secrets’ to lower your score?
2. Want to keep up with your spouse?
3. Want to get rid of that slice?
4. Want to shave strokes from your score and move up a level or two?
5. Want someone to turn to when your swing falters?
6. Want your kids to learn the game in a structured format?
7. Entering your company golf tournament and worried about embarrassing yourself.
8. Are you an advanced player and want someone to watch your swing and provide feedback?
9. You are an executive and want to be part of the IN GOLF scene at your organization? But you can’t hit the ball well enough and don’t want to be embarrassed at your company golf events or in front of management?
10. You want to take clients out and you are not confident of your skills?

I analyze your next round scorecard, provide ‘homework exercises’, and send you a summary of our lesson.

I even play with you on the course! (Part of your lesson package)


Physical Contact
During golf lessons, instructors may guide students through physical movements by making contact with various parts of the body, including the arms, legs, hips, and shoulders. This hands-on approach helps demonstrate proper swing mechanics. To ensure a comfortable learning environment, we encourage students to discuss any concerns or preferences regarding physical contact with their instructor prior to scheduling a lesson.

Managing Expectations in Golf
Golf is a challenging sport, featuring a complex swing that involves numerous moving parts. Developing a consistent swing can take several years, as results are not immediate and vary widely among individuals. Students should be aware that dedication to learning and regular practice are essential. Those who commit to these principles will find their efforts rewarded with a growing passion for the game.

Student Behaviour
At Tracer Golf, our instructors are dedicated to improving your game. Please note that we maintain a respectful environment, and abusive language or aggressive behavior toward any of our teachers will not be tolerated.Managing Expectations in Golf

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