Swing Vision Camera System

About Swing Vision 

The Swing Vision Camera System (Swing Vision CS) is a video capture system that is seamlessly integrated with our simulator. It uses high speed cameras to capture your swing from 2 angles: face on and down the line. When turned on it will automatically pop up on screen and show the two camera views after every swing. You also have the option of reviewing your swing in full detail.

The Swing Vision CS is installed in Premium Bays only and is included in the price of the bay.

Why you need it

What you feel like you’re doing and what you are actually doing can be dramatically different. With the Swing Vision CS, you receive immediate visual feedback. It gives you an opportunity to make swing changes right away. Don’t ingrain bad habits.

You don’t need to balance your phone precariously on a table and run back to press record. Our systems are lined up properly and automatic.


  • Find your problems and fix them faster
  • Make every shot count
  • Save money and time, improve faster

Getting Started

  1. To turn on the camera system in the driving range press the ‘AI’ button in the bottom right corner. In Game Mode the buttons are on the left hand side of the screen above the club view
  2. Hit a ball and the system will automatically replay your swing.
  3. If you would like to see your last swing in detail click the Double Arrow’ button beside the AI button. The replay feature will open and you will be able to analyze your swing in detail.

Left or Right

At the computer, there is a small switch labelled “Swing Vision Camera System SWITCHER”. If you are right handed, push the “Right” button. If you are left handed, push the “Left” button.  Make sure you press the button before you hit the ball.


Press the Double Arrow icon to access the following Swing Vision CS features:

  • Side by side slow motion video (up to ⅛ speed)
  • Autoloop replay
  • Frame by frame advance/rewind
  • Frame by frame storyboard
  • Draw alignment lines, circles, and angles in multiple colours

Can I save my video?

Not yet. But we are working on it. In the meantime, we suggest drawing your lines on the video and then taking a picture with your phone. You can record your progress over time.


Not sure what to look for or what to fix in your swing?
Get the most out of this training tool by learning how to analyze your swing.
Check out the sample videos below or click here for more YouTube videos on how to analyze your golf swing.