How It Works

Unlike regular driving ranges or practice facilities Tracer Golf has NO STAFF ON DUTY and is fully automated.

  1. Book and pay for your session online
  2. Arrive and use your smart door key to enter
  3. Start your practice session

Step 1

Pick Your Time Slot and Purchase

Click on the BOOK NOW button to view available time slots.

Select the day you want to view in the top left corner. Bookings can be made last minute and up to 3 days in advance.

When you’re ready, click the symbol in the bottom right corner, fill in the booking details and pay.

Step 2

Arrive and Enter

24 hours before your booking you will receive an email with your smart door key (If you book the same day you will receive this email right away).  Press the key and the door will unlock. Your key will be active 15 minutes before your booking and 15 min after your booking.

You will need internet access for your key to work.  Don’t worry, free WiFi will be available at the door.  Check your email for details.

Step 3

Start Your Session

Go to your selected bay, warm up and start improving your game!  Launch monitor, lights, projector and everything else will turn on automatically at your START time.  Balls will be available in the bay.

Step 4

Tell Your Friends!

Spread the word and help us roll out more locations.  We may even open up in your neighbourhood!