About Us

Why Tracer Golf?

The Tracer Golf Difference



With no staff on site, bookings are done online and access to the facility is by a simple click of a button in the Tracer Golf App.   Equipment turns on and off automatically based on your booking and balls return to you automatically. Simple.

Streamlined and most efficient way to practice and play

  • No lost time waiting in line at the cash register.
  • No lost time having to get more balls to hit.
  • No lost time waiting for a mat to open up in prime time.
  • Launch monitor data to help make your sessions more productive.
  • Free Wifi while you practice so you can practice along with your favorite YouTube golf pro.
  • Practice on your schedule not ours.  We’re open 24/7.


Bringing golf ranges into the 21st century, Tracer Golf’s patent pending technology combines the latest SMART IoTeCOMMERCE and TRACER technologies.

Incredibly accurate launch monitor and golf simulator at EVERY mat. See all of your ball flight data and practice like a pro. For beginners, seeing your club path and true ball flight is vital to improving. For better players, understanding the numbers can help take your game to the next level. 


Simulator Golf

We love simulator golf.  Golf, food and drinks.  Hard to beat!  It’s great for a fun outing with friends. We highly recommend trying some of the great golf entertainment facilities in and around the GTA.

But the problem with simulator golf is that the experience is designed for entertainment.  Yes, you can practice there once in a while but the high prices make it difficult for most to practice on a regular basis.

At Tracer Golf we use the same launch monitor technology but our ranges are designed for practice and not entertainment. We are 100% focused on training and improving your skills.  No expensive retail leases or fancy interiors.  No liquor licence or kitchen to worry about.  We keep our costs down and pass it on to you. Get all the benefits of launch monitor technology at affordable prices.  With our new advanced launch monitors you can also play over 50 courses. Practice smart, practice more, play more!


Outdoor Range

We are open 24 hours per day, 365 days per year. Practice during rain, thunderstorms, lightning, snow, hail, heatwave, windstorms, tornadoes.  Nothing can stop you.

Never worry about choosing a bucket size or running out of balls. With unlimited balls, put 100% of your mind on training.

Launch monitor technology will allow you to not only see ball flight shape but also spin rates, launch angles etc. Know your numbers!

Mix in some practice at an outdoor range and get the best of both worlds.


Indoor Golf Domes

A popular option during the off-season but they have many issues that golfers accept for lack of choice.  Restrictive distances, incorrect distances from the upper deck, and over crowding are just some of the complaints we’ve heard.

In addition, large real estate investments and infrastructure costs make domes an expensive option without committing to a membership or bulk purchase.

Tracer Golf launch monitor technology allows you to see the shot shape and distance for every shot, even your driver. Best of all we’re affordable even without a membership. Every session is reserved and guaranteed. No waiting!

Our Story


Our father loves golf. So much so that about 30 years ago he owned a golf course in a small town outside of Toronto and introduced the game to everyone he knew.  

Although he no longer has the course he is just as passionate about the game.  So for his 80th birthday we set out to build him a golf simulator room. It was a simple project with just a launch monitor, screen and projector, and it brought a lot of joy throughout the cold winters.

But what started out as a birthday gift slowly but surely turned into something more. He practices everyday. We practice everyday. Friends drop by all the time to tune up their game.

We’re all seeing dramatic improvements because of the frequency of practice along with easy access to golf training videos online.  Add in the ball flight data and instant feedback the launch monitor provides and you can’t help but improve.

We thought “This is awesome! Everyone should be able to do this.  Could we turn this into something bigger?”

We looked at the practice options and saw so many problems: overcrowded, run-down, too far away, facilities shutting down. But most of all, too expensive. It’s difficult for you to get better with the prices today. So we set out to make practice sessions not only more affordable but also make them more efficient and impactful by using the latest launch monitor technology.

Our goal is to build a practice range that is high tech yet simple, convenient and helps you improve your golf game faster.  Most importantly it MUST be affordable.

Thank you for your support and bringing this project to life.

Welcome to Tracer Golf.