Impact Vision

The majority of Tracer Golf bays are equiped with the Impact Vision launch monitor and golf simulator software. Impact Vision uses 2 high speed, infrared cameras to measure core ball and club data.  Combined with our top notch customer service and automation, it is the reason why we are the leading automated facility in Canada.

 Great for practice sessions, family or date night, hanging out with the boys or when you just want to hit some balls.


Affordable, Accurate, Fun & Simple



Advanced launch monitor with high speed camera tracking gives you access to key stats:
  • Distance
  • Club speed
  • Ball speed
  • Launch angle and more
Golf simulator club view

Club View

With overhead video recording you can see your club path and the actual moment of impact as the club strikes the ball in slow motion.

Toe hit? Heel hit? Get to the sweet spot and gain more distance.

4 Ranges in 1

Really want to lower your score? Practice your short game on the approach shot range, chipping range and putting range.

    Virtual Hole Practice

    Take your skills to a practice hole on a course and simulate real life situations. Hit over a bunker with little green to work with? What is the smart play for your game? Hit 10 shots and see how many times you actually get it close.


    Choose from one of the 50 golf simulator courses available including Pebble Beach and St. Andrews.

    Test your skills in virtual golf situations.

    • Play with friends and increase the pressure.
    • Practice smart course management skills and miss in the right spots.
    • Play in diverse conditions and learn to adjust your yardages to adapt.

    Whether its sharpening your skills or just enjoying the game play, no other golf facility in the GTA offers this much value

    Practice More. Play More. Improve Faster.

    Swing Vision Camera System

    Get instant video replays of your swing!

    The fastest way to improve.

    Available in Premium bays only.

    Click below to learn more about the Swing Vision CS.

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