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Cody Pickard

CPGA Teaching Professional


$185/hr +tax

Min Session Length: 1 hr

Max # of students/session: 1

Cancellation Policy:

24 hrs

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Teaches in: English

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Bio/Teaching Method

Teaching Method

Starting with a complete assessment of your game, tee to green, fitness, and equipment performance. This evaluation will provide a road map to achievement.

Beginning with a conversation about where you think your game is at and what you feel are the areas of your game that need the greatest improvement. We’ll use this feedback accompanied with my own assessment of your game from tee to green as a guideline to create a customized coaching plan that will serve as your personal road map to achieving the progression of goals we set on an ongoing basis.

From there, we will determine which fundamentals to work on for the full swing, short game and putting. I’ll provide you with drills and aids for both practice facilities and at home improvement.

By focusing on simplifying concepts, athletic performance, proper equipment and shot by shot analytics, you can be confident that you are working towards a specific set of goals. Practice with a purpose, whether you’re at home in your living room or at your favourite golf facility.


Top ranked Ontario Junior, NCAA Division 1 Scholarship Athlete, Competitive Touring Professional, CPGA, Instructor at Oakdale G&CC, 18 years of teaching experience

Cody has both played and trained with some of the worlds top ranked players and Golf Digest’s top-ranked instructors, who have been instrumental in both passing along and developing the valuable knowledge needed to instruct. With simplistic ideologies and relatable methods, Cody has helped golfers of any age or skill level and he is passionate about helping his students learn and understand the game so they can play as well as they’d like to.

Student Reviews

Cody and I worked together in the golf industry for over 3 years. Cody is very personable and easy to take lessons from. He knows the fundamentals and has a passion for the game of golf. I would recommend Cody to any of my friends or family. He not only knows the swing fundamentals but he’s also very knowledgeable about every aspect of the game and relates his instruction to a sport I’m already comfortable and confident with. Cody has given me the foundation and swing thoughts that I use every time I’m golfing. 10/10 would recommend.

— Blake Vanderberg

My son is a beginner golfer. After only one lesson with Cody there was a dramatic improvement in his game. We continued with lessons the rest of the summer and I have seen a drastic overall improvement in my son’s game and attitude toward the game. I would highly recommend Cody as an instructor. Along with my son, I am now also taking lessons from Cody.

— Corey Gerlock

Hitting them really good and everything is coming together. Been getting lots of compliments on how much my game has improved from last year to this year. Looking forward to the next lesson!

— Derek Andrade

Cody is hands down the best golf coach that I have ever worked with. Often times golf professionals will speak in such specific golf jargon that is hard to follow for the average golfer. Cody is able to dumb things down to make it easy to understand. He caters to your strengths while improving your weaknesses. Definitely recommend to anyone who is looking to hit the ball straighter and shave some strokes off the scorecard.

— Shane Gordon

Having worked with Cody for more than 12 years now, there are very few others within the industry that I have been around that can adjust right away to your swing/ability. He sees the swing in slow motion, and breaks down each part of how you swing. Then while working with you creates a plan moving forward with objective goals of both yours and his in mind.

His communication while instructing is also very refreshing. He makes everything very relatable and easy to understand, where others in my experience can leave you confused and “trusting” what they are teaching you. He leaves you with concise thoughts and tips that will stick with you for anytime you are playing, especially those times when it is not going your way on the course.

He has a love and passion for the game that is not easily rivalled, and because of that works even harder to ensure you are satisfied and seeing progression in is being worked on.

Some of my best memories working with Cody actually come from both competing with him and against him, as his on course knowledge can really be very eye opening. He not only helps with the technical aspects of your swing, but can really change the way you view a golf course, or your approach to practicing on your own. Working with Cody definitely leaves you wanting to come back out to the course day after day.

— Ryan Mason


I had the opportunity to take a lesson with Cody and it was one of the best lessons I’ve ever had! As an experienced golfer, it can be difficult sometimes for the coach to diagnose the correct issues. However, Cody was able to identify very quickly the main areas that I need to improve on and devise a plan to work on the correct movement patterns. 
Cody is a fantastic golfer, he has an undeniable passion for the sport and is also a well regarded teaching professional at Oakdale Golf & Country Club. I would totally recommend Cody to any golfers looking to improve their swing mechanics or their game in general. He’s able to effectively address the unique swing flaws that different golfers may have, and distill complex technical concepts into simple methods for the student to follow. Anyone from beginners to advanced golfers would most definitely benefit from his coaching.
— Lynn H

Lesson Samples

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