Teaching at Tracer Golf

Our Philosophy

At Tracer Golf all teachers are welcome to provide lessons. Our open approach to teachers is extremely important to us. By allowing access to all teaching pros, students can be assured of getting the best teacher that suits their needs. Students are not forced to use a specific teacher simply because they have a business relationship with the golf facility. 

Students are free to bring their own teacher and teachers are free to bring students and teach at anyone of our locations.

Registration is not required. Just make a normal booking.


If you would like to be included in our website listings as a teacher, please fill out the form below.

There is no charge to list but you will be required to put a link to tracergolf.ca on your website.

Tracer Teacher Program (TTP)

While we maintain our open teaching philosophy, we also offer an opportunity for teachers to take their business one step further by becoming an verified Tracer Teacher.

The Tracer Teacher Program takes advantage of Tracer Golf’s marketing power and use it’s brand recognition to attract and encourage students to take lessons.

Our goal is to make booking a lesson easy and as simple as booking one of our bays.

Key Points

  • Provide prospective students all the information they require to make a confident decision on selecting a teacher
  • Accomplish this by designing a content rich teacher’s profile page on TracerGolf.ca.
  • Teacher’s schedule visible to all golfers on our booking platform
  • Tracer Golf brings in leads via ongoing paid ads, SEO, email marketing and location signage
  • Students book directly with Tracer Golf similar to booking a bay
  • Pricing and scheduling determined by the teacher
  • All payments, refunds administered by Tracer Golf
  • Payments made to teachers on a set schedule
  • Commission paid to Tracer Golf



Focus on teaching while we take care of marketing and administration.

More leads, more teaching, less headache.