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Tracer Golf Mississauga has a number of qualified teaching professionals that can help golfers of all levels.

You can select from one of our verified Tracer Teachers who have been vetted by us or select from one of the many other teachers that have successfully used our facilities to conduct their private and group lessons. They have great knowledge of our systems and its ability to help improve your golf game.

By selecting one of our verified teachers you get the benefit of the quickest and easiest booking process. You can also feel secure knowing your funds are safe with a clear cancellation process.

Still can’t find a teacher you like? Bring your own! We have an open teacher policy!

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How to Choose a Teacher

Tracer Teachers at Mississauga

I don't believe in beating golf balls to get better.

Kumar Cherla

CGTF Teaching Professional

Coach Kumar teaches Feel Golf: the ability to hit down-the-line shots – even if you haven’t played for months. With over 30 years of competing, playing and teaching experience, the concept of ‘You have to hit lots of golf balls and play a lot to get better’ does not exist in his lexicon.

Sajjad Jameel profile picture hands on waist

The more we practice the luckier we get

Sajjad Jameel

CGTF Teaching Professional

Coach Sajjad has over 20 years of golf teaching experiance in Canada and around the world
Whether you require a onetime tune up or ongoing development over the entire season, Coach Sajjad tailors his approach to meet you where you are in your golfing journey.

Other Teachers

Choose from one of many of the other qualified teachers that teach out of our facilitiues and know our systems inside and out.

Glenmore Brown

Teaches in English
Teaching is my passion. Making it simply is the approach. Your learning is my goal.

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Dave Horne

Dave Horne is a CPGA Professional and owner of Golf4uCanada.

Dave became a certified Master Golf Teaching professional through the Canadian Golf Teachers Federation, US Golf Teachers Federation, and the World Golf Teachers Federation.

In 2020 and 2023 Dave was proudly named one of the top 50Golf Professionals in Canada by the Canadian Golf Teachers Federation (CGTF).

To enhance his ability to take students to the next level, Dave became a Certified TPI coach.

As Certified TPI coach in golf, junior golf, fitness and power golf, Dave can properly screen, assess, and analyze golfer’s abilities as well as physical limitations to understand their strengths and weaknesses plus help them understand how ground forces and biomechanics work in their swing.

To better understand the mental game of golf, Dave becamea Certified Golf Psychologist.

Dave wanted to help golfers unlock and overcome any psychological obstacles that may be holding them back.

Dave is also a club fitter; this allows him to check golfer’s equipment to see if they are a good fit or in need of regripping or repairs to a complete overhaul to match the golfer’s skill level.

“Looking forward to working with you and helping you improve your golf game, Dave Horne.”

CPGA Golf ProfessionalMaster Golf Teaching Professional
Top 50 Canadian Golf Instructor 2020,2023TPI Certified G2, P2, J2, F2CGTF, USGTF, WGTF


Andrew Aguanno

CPGA Class “A” Professional

Teaches in: English

“Andrew Aguanno is a Class A PGA Professional and has been recognized as a Top 100 PGA of Ontario Professional in 2022 and 2023.

Andrew has been a Touring and Teaching professional since 2014. including running the Lake Joseph Golf Academy in 2017 and then starting his own Academy in 2018 called Player Preferred. He has played events on PGA Tour Canada, Canada Cup and various other PGA Provincial and National Championships.

Andrew uses his experience and knowledge to not only teach his students but allow them to have a deeper understanding of their game so they can continue to move forwards and lower their scores without depending on a full time coach.”


Chris Lee


PGA of canada professional member in good standing. Have played golf and teached for combined 30+ years. Looking to educate students who want to improve on all aspects within their respective skill level. Hard working and focused, strong passion and love for the game of golf.


Harkaran Nijjar

Teaches in: English, Hindi, Punjabi

With an extensive 13-year immersion in the golf industry, I've seamlessly blended the realms of playing, working, and teaching. My journey encompasses both amateur and professional landscapes, notably competing at the Indian Golf Tour and the prestigious Indian Professional Golf Tour (PGTI). This dual experience has afforded me a comprehensive understanding of golf, delving into the intricate nuances of swing mechanics.

My commitment to elevating the game extends beyond personal pursuits, as I've dedicated substantial time to imparting this expertise to others. As an instructor, I leverage my profound insights into golf dynamics to propel individuals to the next level of their game. This holistic approach stems from a genuine passion for the sport and a desire to share the knowledge accrued through years of hands-on engagement.

Whether fine-tuning a swing or fostering a deeper appreciation for the artistry of golf, my multifaceted experience allows me to tailor guidance to the unique needs of each player. My journey is not just a chronicle of personal achievements but a testament to a lifelong commitment to the growth and enhancement of the golfing community

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