What is a Tracer TEacher?

A Tracer Teacher is a teaching professional that has been verified by Tracer Golf.  We take the following steps to verify each Tracer Teacher:

  • Proof of teaching certification
  • Criminal record check
  • Good standing in the golf community

Each Tracer Teacher is under contract with Tracer Golf and must abide by Tracer Golf’s code of conduct for teachers.

All lesson fees are administered by our systems including cancellations and refunds.

Book with confidence. Book with a Tracer Teacher.

Simple Scheduling allows you to book a Tracer Teacher just like booking one of our bays.

No phone calls or emails, just go online and book!

Cancellations are simple too.  Just go to the app and request a cancellation just like one of our bays.

Tracer Teacher FAQs

Why not book directly with the teacher?

Booking through our systems instead of direct with a teacher will enable you to earn for various perks such as priority booking window. 

What is the cancellation policy?

A strict cancelation policy of 24 hours is in effect.

A teacher’s time is precious and it is very difficult for them to fill a spot at the last minute.

Please respect their time.


How do I cancel a lesson?

If you are outside the cancellation window, cancellations of lessons is the same process as cancelling a bay booking.

Go to the Tracer Golf App (Not the scheduling app) and click Support to request a cancellation.  With a proper cancellation, you will receive a full refund.

Please take note that the lesson is not tied with your bay.  If you no longer want to use the bay, you must request a cancellation of the the bay separately.


Is the bay booking included in the lesson fee?

The cost of the bay booking is NOT included in the lesson.  You must book and pay for the bay separately.

What is the relationship between the Teachers and Tracer Golf?

Tracer Teachers are independent contractors and you are purchasing a service directly from the Teacher. Please refer to our Terms of Use for more details.

How to book a Tracer TEacher

With Simple Scheduling, booking a Tracer Teacher is as easy as booking one of our bays.

Step 1. Availability

Once you’ve decided on a Tracer Teacher, go to the scheduling app and select your location. Similar to a bay, a teacher’s availability will be visible. Just scroll to the last bay.

Step 2. Book the bay, book the teacher

If your teacher is available for the time slot you want, book the bay first before you book the teacherMake two separate bookings. One for the bay and one for the teacher.

Step 3. Confirmations

You will receive separate confirmations for your bay and teacher booking.

The teacher will be notified of your booking automatically and will reach out to you by phone or email in order to prepare for your first lesson.

New to Tracer Golf?

If you are new to Tracer Golf and have never made a booking for a bay, please check out the How It Works section.

How to book other teachers

To book any other teacher that uses our facilities you will need to contact the teacher directly inorder to book a lesson with them.