3 Steps to Redeem eGift Card

Summer Rates Value Adjustment

Starting May 10th 2024, eGift cards can be redeemed at 1.5x their stated duration.

For example, a 1 hour eGift card can be redeemed for 1.5 hours.

3 Easy Steps to Redeeming Your eGift Card

Step 1: Check the Schedule

Before you make a request, please make sure the location, bay and time you want is available. Please note that some bays are Right Hand only.

Premium Bay eGift cards can only be used to book any Premium or Regular Bay with Impact Vision.

Pro Bay eGift cards can only be used to book Pro Bays with TrackMan

Select the location to see availability.

Not sure which location is closest?  Click here.

Step 2: Request a Booking

Fill in the form to request a booking using your eGift Card code.

Please Note: Entire card must be used in 1 booking

Step 3: Confirmation Emails

Once we receive your request, our staff will make the booking for you and you will receive a booking confirmation email. Once confirmed, click here to go to our Tracer Golf App in order to gain access to the facility. Simply login with the same email address you used in the redemption form.

Your are set to go!

Enjoy your Tracer Golf experience!

First Time at Tracer Golf?

If this is you first time at Tracer Golf please note the following:

  1. You will receive an account creation email from our scheduling software, Skedda.  Please follow the instructions to complete your account setup.
  2. Please visit our How It Works section before you visit to have the best experience.  Don’t forget to visit our Tutorial section to learn about our software.

Gift Card Redemption FAQ

Do gift cards have an expiry date?

All purchased gift cards have no expiry date.

Gift cards distributed as part of one of our marketing campaigns (golf tournament, sponsorship etc) will have an expiry date clearly printed on the card.

What happens if I need to cancel a booking made with a gift card?

To cancel your booking, please go to app.tracergolf.ca and press the Support button.

You must log in using the email that was used for the booking.

Once the booking has been cancelled, the gift card will be re-activated and you will be able to request another booking when you are ready.

How long does it take to redeem?

Our staff will process your request within 6 hours of receiving your request.

Requests made after 8pm will be processed the next business day.

What can be booked?

You can book any Premium or Regular at any Tracer Golf location in the GTA

Can I book less time then what is available on the eGift Card?

The entire duration of the card must be used in one booking.  An eGift Card cannot be split up into multiple sessions.

What about unused time?

There are no refunds for unused time.

Can I use the code on the booking system?

No.  Unfortunately our booking system does not accept gift cards or coupon codes.

The eGift Card must be redeemed by filling out this form.

Is there a refund/credit for a regular bay booking?


There is no refund or credit for the difference in value.

Can more time be booked?


As long as the bay is available, more time can be purchased by the golfer directly by making a normal booking through the scheduling app.

How many people are allowed?

Up to 4 people are allowed per bay at any Tracer Golf location.