Volunteer Marshal Training Manual


    Welcome to the Tracer Golf Volunteer Marshal Program

    The goal of this program is to maintain our facilities in top working order while at the same time keep tight control of costs in order to pass on savings to golfers.

    This is a Do-It-Yourself training program which will allow us to accommodate everyone’s schedule and multiple locations across the GTA  and eventually Canada without having to have in person training.

    This DIY training will rely heavily on the fact that you are familiar with the facility as a regular user.

    It will also rely on your ability to work independently.

    Here is what you need to know before you get started.

    Facility Access

    • Go to https://m.tracergolf.ca/
    • Use your email address along with your phone number to access an admin level key for your location. Please note it may take a day or two to setup your account.
    • This key will allow you to access the facilities from 2AM to 9AM on your workday only.  Do not abuse this key.

    Inspection Report

    • In the app that you use for facility access you will see a second button that will take you to a form to fill out.
    • It is mandatory to fill out the inspection report after every shift. 

    Storage Room Access

    • The BAY SUPPLY storage room contains the golf related supplies (Balls, tees etc)  Supplies are labelled and self explanatory
    • The CLEANING SUPPLY stock room/cabinet stores the supplies that the cleaner requires
    • Each room is secured using a 4 digit combination lock.  The combination will be sent to you by email.
    • In addition to the storage/stock room, some locations may have a separate electrical room or server room. 
    • Use the provided service cart to transport balls and tees to the bays.
    • Each facility is slightly different in terms of the storage/stock room.
    Facility Supply Room Locations
    North York Bay supply room entrance is inside Bay 6.

    Back of building, across from Bay 13

    Combined Bay Supply and Cleaning Supply Room


    Bay Supplies are on the service cart in front of the back door.

    Cleaning Supply cabinet is also in front of the back door.


    Bay Supply Room: At the back of the building, beside the washrooms

    Cleaning Supply Room: Women’s washroom, white cabinet


    Combined Bay Supply and Cleaning Supply Room. 

    Middle of the main hallway.

    Toronto West

    Combined Bay Supply and Cleaning Supply Room

    In Bay 57


    Combined Bay Supply and Cleaning Supply Room.

    South west corner on the way to the two small washrooms.


    At the front of the building, beside to the entrance door.

    Opposite the vending machine

    Work Schedule

    • It is ideal that bays are empty when performing the work but this is not always possible
    • There will be times when one or two bays will have golfers practicing.  This is acceptable as the bay can be worked on the next day.
    • Historically the best time to complete the work is by 7am on weekdays and 6 am on weekends
    • During the golf season (summer) these timings may change.
    • We are flexible with work schedules.  We leave it up to your good judgment to pick the time so that the maximum number of bays are attended to.
    • The goal is to make sure all bays are up to standard and ready for the day’s golfers
    • We expect you to review the booking schedule and select a time to complete the required work before the facility gets busy
    • You should be able to complete the required work in less than 1 hr.


    • We expect all marshals to work on a weekly basis.
    • If you cannot attend your shift for whatever reason, we expect you to notify us so we can make alternate arrangements.
    • 2 missed shifts WITHOUT notifying us will result in marshal privileges being revoked.


    • For your effort and dedication, you will receive 1 hour of simulator time on your workday
    • You will be able to book any available time until 9am
    • It will not be possible to accumulate hours
    • As a member of the Tracer Golf team you will also be upgraded to a 5 day booking window that will allow you to book before the general public.  This will also apply to any booking you make outside of the Marshal program
    • Please cycle through the different bays when using your free golf in order to find sensor related issues


    • Please note that commercial cleaning is currently performed on Monday and Friday mornings
    • Depending on your workday your schedule may overlap with them
    • Your schedule may overlap our technical staff as well.

    Your Duties

    Your main duty is to ensure that the bay is ready for the day’s golfers.  

       Main Tasks for Each Bay

        1. Balls
            • Inspect each ball.  Throw out balls in the garbage that are:
              1. Cracked or damaged. 
              2. Coloured and
              3. Balls with sharpie marks or dirty.
            • Replenish with new balls and ensure a minimum of 15 balls are available.  More than 15 balls is OK. Especially during the winter months. 
            • If you feel balls are too worn out (but not cracked or damaged), please take them out of play and place them in the used ball box (Milk crate on the cart).  
        2. Tees.  
            • Round up all the tees and place them in front of the keyboard.
            • Throw out ripped tees
            • Replenish tees and ensure a minimum of 2 tees are available for each size (3 sizes, 3 inch, 2.5 inch, 2 inch)
        3. Right Hand Hitting Mat only
            • Take out the hitting mat for the right hand player.
            • Rotate 180 degrees and put back in
        4. Reboot computers (not just the software) and start up the simulator software
        5. Check for ripped screens
        6. Rearrange furniture
        7. Turn fans off
        8. Wipe down tables if necessary

        Secondary Task

        Your secondary task is to walk through and inspect each bay and the facility in order to find minor issues before they become major problems. 

        1. Inspect bays for:

          • Ripped baffles (black curtains)
          • Screen tension (bungee cord, broken clips)
          • Sagging net (top of bay)
          • Broken trim (White trim along the edge of the hitting mat)
          • Ripped foam matting
          • Carpet issues
          • Loose/broken chairs
          • Refill spray bottle with water
          • Evidence of alcohol consumption

        2. Inspect Washrooms

          • Check for leaks/clogs
          • Check for auto door function
          • Check toilet paper level (min 2 rolls per washroom)

        3. Facility

          • Check front door lock/auto door function
          • Check for leaking roof

        Service Cart

        To make work easier and more efficient, please roll the service cart to each bay and plug it in.

        There is a light connected to the front to illuminate the bay as you work.

        Computer is OFF

        Occasionally you will come across a computer that has been turned off.

        To turn on the computer back on, please do the following:

        1. Access the Tracer Golf app (Same one you used for access) and go to the Computers section.

        2. Click on the ‘Computer On’ button for the bay 

        3. Wait at least 30 seconds to see if the computer begins starting up.

        4. Email us at info@tracergolf.ca so we can troubleshoot what caused the problem.

        Lost and Found

        For any found items such as clubs, headcovers, water bottles etc, leave them inside the bay so owners can return and pick them up.

        Do not placed found items in the storage room.  With no onsite staff it is difficult to return items that are locked up.

        If the item has not been claimed by your next shift, please place the item in the Lost and Found bin at the back of the building.

        Performance Reviews

        Similar to our regular employees, Marshals will also be evaluated. Your continued roll as a marshal as well as any bonuses or perks we decide to give will be determined based on your attention to detail and how well you perform the duties listed above.  We use video reviews and inspection reports to evaluate your performance. 

        End of training!

        Thank you for volunteering and supporting Tracer Golf!

        Enjoy the golf and if you have any questions email us at info@tracergolf.ca

        Answers to your questions will be added to the FAQ below.

        Help Us Keep Golf Affordable

        Please be mindful when choosing which balls to retire from play.
        Taking good balls out of play prematurely increases our costs.

        Keeping a mix of older (undamaged) balls alongside new ones helps us control costs and maintain low prices. Your cooperation is appreciated!

        Marshal FAQ

        Vacation / Sick day / Life happens day

        For whatever reason you cannot make your scheduled work day just let us know.


        How do I book my free golf?

        Book as you normally do.

        The system should be set up so that there is a $0 charge for your session. (Your workday, 2am-10am)

        You will receive the normal emails and the bay will turn on/off as it normally does.

         If you have any issues, please let us know.

        Do I have to empty the garbage cans?

        Yes & No.

        The cleaners empty the bay garbage cans on Monday and Friday morning so you do not have to.

        With that said, if a garbage can is almost full and you don’t think it will make it to the next scheduled cleaning day, please empty the garbage into the large bin.

        How many days per week do I need to work?

        You are required to work 1 day per week on your designated day.

        Can I use the 1 hour of golf on a different day?


        Your free golf can only be used on your work day until 9am.

        You cannot accumulate hours or shift them to another day.

        Can I get a discounted rate for regular bookings?


        We do not offer discounts at this time.

        Marshals do get a 5 day advanced booking window privledge for all bookings.