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    Teachers at Tracer Golf Newmarket

    Tracer Golf Newmarket has a number of qualified teaching professionals that can help golfers of all levels. While Tracer Golf has no affiliation with the following teachers, they have successfully used our facilities to conduct their private and group lessons. They have great knowledge of our systems and its ability to help improve your golf game. 

    Unlike other facilities we don’t take a cut of the teacher’s lesson fees.  Teachers save money and in turn, you save money. 

    Take lessons, practice more, improve faster!

    How to Choose a Teacher

    D. Franz McFayden

    Teaches in: English

    D. Franz McFayden is the founder and head teaching professional of Golf and Performance. A former attorney, Coach Franz brings a wealth of experience to this role, with 30+ years of experience in multiple sporting disciplines highlighted by competitive international-level experience in several sports. This has taught him the importance of balance, which he implements in his teaching. He personally specializes in peak performance mental coaching for high-performance athletes, short game/wedge play scoring, on-course high-performance strategies, and detailed video and biomechanical analysis profiles for high-level recreational and competitive players. 


    Llb (Hons), CGC trained PGA of Canada, International PGA, Titleist Performance Institute L1//J2//G2 Certified, Golf Engineer (GE L1), Scott Cowx Certified 7.0 Advanced Patterns and Coaching, Sportsbox 3D Golf Level 1 Certified, Boditrak Certifed Golf Ground Mechanics, Operation 36 Certified Coach, U.S. Kids Golf Certified Coach, NCCP Coach, Golf Canada Future Links Coach, Professional Diploma Sports and Exercise Nutrition (EQF 1), Certified Personal Trainer (CPT), Certified GC Quad Technologist, World Handicap System Certified


    Dave Horne

    CGTF / TPI Certified

    Hi My name is Dave Horne, through a screening process, lessons and drills I can help you find your own swing, play better golf and enjoy the game.

    Master Golf Teaching Professional
    TPI Certified G2, P2CGTF, USGTF, WGTF, 
    PGA International Golf Professional
    Certified International Golf Psychologist


    Kumar Cherla

    AFFORDABLE Teacher  – 35 years experience
    Did you know that a small measurement at the Small of Your Back can determine why you are hitting slices, hooks, blade shots and ‘fat’ shots?
    I have developed several ‘measurements’ like the above to determine your core swing faults.  With this knowledge we can quickly fix or improve your swing.
    If you are a beginner or seasoned veteran, I can help you develop the correct FEELS so your body does not forget.
    Comprehensive follow-up is sent to you after your lesson.
    I am patient and have a well- thought out LEARNING SYSTEM to ensure your success.
    Please call me so we can discuss how my METHOD can help you!


    Joe Ross

    CPGA, CGTF, TPI, BSC Kinesiology, Canfitpro 
    Teaches in: English
    Joe Ross is a Kinesiologist with 35 years golf instruction and fitness teaching experience. Joe has created a teaching platform entitled Byproduct golf. Byproduct golf employs eight comprehensive motion patterns that when done will generate a dependable stock shot, the draw. By using 3 main metrics, club path, face path and attack angle to track success a student will learn not just how to make a great shot pattern, but why it works. The 8 movement patterns are in all great ball strikers swings and apply to all clubs!  Anyone can become a great golfer with this information. Sessions are fun, informative and educational.


    Hap Gill

    Teaches in English, Punjabi, Hindi

    CGTF, USGTF, WGTF, US Kids Level 2, Stack and tilt network instructor

    Hap is a fully certified golf teaching professional who has played the game of golf for over 25 years and is a very accomplished player and coach. Hap is 1 of only 4 Stack and Tilt certified golf instructors in Canada training under renowned US instructor Andy Plummer and is also CGTF, USGTF, WGTF and US Kids Level 2 Certified. Hap has a degree in Kinesiology and Biomechanics and has his Bachelor of Education enabling him to provide top level instruction. He has a Golf Psychology Certification enhancing his ability to help golfers cope with mental hurdles. Hap is very proficient with both beginners and advanced golfers that want to improve on their existing skills and further fine-tune their golf swing. He has gained his Trackman University certification allowing him to interpret the metrics of a swing and consequently provide accurate analysis. He is a National level 2 soccer and tennis coach. In 2021 Hap was awarded Honourable Mention for Top 50 Instructor by US Kids Golf for outstanding work in the growth and development of youth golf. Hap has conducted thousands of hours of camps, clinics, group, semi-private and private lessons. Hap prides himself on providing quality service and ensuring that his students make improvements while continuing to enjoy the great game of golf