Guest Registration Form

Effective September 22, 2021 all Tracer Golfers and guests must register with proof of vaccination as mandated by the Government of Ontario. 


  • Fill out the form below and submit your vaccine receipt and ID;
  • Your vaccine receipt can be downloaded from the Ontario website here;
  • Your ID must be a Photo Health Card or Driver’s License. For your privacy, please block out all information except your name and photo;
  • Host =  The person who created the booking

Details of Ontario’s Enhanced COVID-19 Vaccine Certificate program can be found here.

We believe these health and safety protocols are the key to allowing our communities and businesses to reopen safely, to permit full capacity bookings, and to protect against further lockdowns.


How do I cover up my ID?

Use a piece of paper to cover sensitive information before you take a picture of your ID

What information should I cover up?

Everything EXCEPT your name and picture.

What do you do with the pictures of my ID?

We delete all files once verification has been completed.

Where can I get my Ontario vaccine receipt?

You can download your vaccine receipt at the Ontario website here. Remember to download your second dose receipt and 14 days must have passed between the second dose date and your registration date.

Do I have to submit proof every time I visit?

No. Once you are verified, all future bookings can be made as normal. If you have new guests for a future booking, then they need to submit their proof of vaccination documents.

Can my child under 12 still come?


Do I still need to wear masks?

Masks are still required when entering or leaving the facility and we highly recommend you keep your mask on during your training session for maximum protection.

Are capacity limits increased because of this?

Currently the capacity limits remain the same, 2 people per bay.