As the summer season unfolds, golf enthusiasts are eager to maximize their time on the green. Whether you’re a seasoned golfer or just starting out, Tracer Golf offers innovative solutions to enhance your golfing experience. From efficient warm-ups to playing full rounds in less time, Tracer Golf caters to all your needs, ensuring every aspect of your game improves. In this guide, we’ll explore the top ways to use Tracer Golf during the summer months, making every moment on the course—or indoors—count.


Warm Up Before Your Tee Time

Many golf courses lack adequate facilities for a full warm-up. You might find a putting green, but chipping is often off-limits. Plus, traditional driving ranges can be costly, with fees around $20 for a bucket of balls, half of which might go unused. Conveniently located en route to many golf courses, Tracer Golf offers a cost-effective and efficient solution. For less than the price of a cappuccino, spend 15 minutes warming up at Tracer Golf. Perfect your chipping, pitching, and full swing before you hit the first tee.

Refine Your Skills After Playing

No matter how your round went, there’s always a particular swing or technique fresh in your mind that needs attention. Head to Tracer Golf immediately after your round to solidify that muscle memory. Utilize our video capture technology to review your performance and make mental adjustments. This could be the key to reinforcing that crucial swing thought.

Maintain Consistency Between Rounds

Instead of wasting practice balls on ineffective drills at an outdoor range, focus on refining your swing mechanics at Tracer Golf. Here’s what you can work on:

  • Precise swing mechanics for consistent performance.
  • Accurate measurements of your shots to better understand your game.
  • Essential short game practice to ensure you’re warmed up and ready.

Golf in Any Weather

Outdoor golf is unpredictable, especially with changing weather conditions. When it’s too hot, humid, or rainy, Tracer Golf’s indoor facilities offer the perfect alternative. Enjoy your practice sessions in the comfort of an air-conditioned environment, ensuring you can play no matter the weather.

Play Faster Rounds

If you’re pressed for time and can’t spare half a day traveling and playing on a traditional golf course, Tracer Golf is your ideal solution. Play a full 18-hole round in less than an hour if you’re going solo. Disable the putting feature to speed up your game even further, allowing for more swings and faster improvement.

Economical Golfing Options

With the recent surge in golf popularity, prices at outdoor ranges and courses have skyrocketed. Tracer Golf offers a more economical option without sacrificing the quality of your practice or play. When outdoor ranges charge upwards of $25 for a large bucket of balls, consider the value and convenience of practicing at Tracer Golf.


Optimize your golf practice and play this summer with Tracer Golf. Whether you’re fine-tuning your game or looking to escape the elements, our indoor golf facilities provide the perfect setting for improvement and enjoyment. Visit Tracer Golf today and see the difference in your game!

Our goal is to help you practice more, play more, and improve faster.