Welcome to the world of “Ready Golf” – the secret weapon for speeding up your golf game without sacrificing the joy of the sport. Whether you’re a seasoned golfer or just starting out, embracing the principles of Ready Golf can transform your experience on the course. In this guide, we’ll explore key strategies, and offer tips tailored for various skill levels. If you’ve ever golfed at a municipal course in the Greater Toronto Area like Don Valley, Braeben or Tam O’Shanter, then you’ve been victim to a 5 hour round of golf.

Recent statistics indicate that the average golf round duration has been steadily increasing. Ready golf has been proven to counter this trend. Case studies from courses around the world show that implementing ready golf practices has reduced round durations by as much as 30 minutes. Players report increased satisfaction and a more enjoyable experience on the course.

Beginners Take Note

New to the game? Ready golf is a game-changer for beginners. Start by understanding that you don’t need to wait for the player farthest from the hole to take their shot. If you’re ready and it’s safe to play, go for it! This simple adjustment can significantly reduce the overall time spent on the course.

Ready Golf Begins Before You Arrive at the Golf Course

Preparation is key to a swift round. Check your equipment before you start, ensuring everything is in working order. Make sure you have enough balls, tees, ball markers and a golf towel. Take a quick look at the course layout and have a general idea of your game plan. This not only speeds up your individual play but contributes to an overall smoother flow for the entire group.

Ready Golf Strategies to Accelerate Your Golf Round

Key Ready Golf Strategies Description
Quick Tee-Offs Begin the round with a swift tee-off. If you’re ready to play and it’s safe to do so, step up to the tee box and take your shot. You don’t have to wait for others to go first, especially if they are not quite ready. Normally golf etiquette demands that the player with the best score on the previous hole gets to tee-off first, but not in Ready Golf.
Efficient Ball Searching: While searching for a lost ball, adopt a time-efficient approach. If you are waiting on the group ahead then take a bit more time, but otherwise don’t hunt more than a few minutes. Instead of spending several minutes searching, take a quick look and, if necessary, announce that you’ll play a provisional ball. This allows the group to keep moving, and if you find the original ball, you can always pick up the provisional.
Continuous Putting: On the putting green, practice continuous putting. Once you’ve lined up your shot and confirmed your readiness, take it. This avoids unnecessary delays and keeps the pace moving smoothly.
Be Mindful of Distances: As you approach your ball, assess the distances to hazards, green, and other players. Use this time to plan your next shot, so when it’s your turn, you can execute without delay. This is not only good for Ready Golf but it’s great to help you improve your game.
Ready Golf Signals: Establish signals within your group to indicate when a player is ready to take their shot. It could be a simple thumbs up or a verbal cue. This way, players can begin their pre-shot routines without waiting for a formal invitation.
Limit Club Selection Time: Avoid spending excessive time selecting a club. Have a general idea of the distances you can achieve with each club and make a prompt decision. Remember, it’s better to be quick with a decent club than to waste time overthinking. This is where practicing at a great indoor golf facility can help as it can help you dial in your distances in a controlled environment.
Concurrent Chipping and Putting: If you find yourself waiting to chip onto the green while others are putting, use this time efficiently. Begin your chipping routine while others are finishing up on the green, ensuring you are ready to hit as soon as they clear the area.
Move to Your Ball Directly: After hitting your shot, move directly to your ball without waiting for others to complete their shots. Save discussions and socializing for times when the group is together and not during the active play. Just be sure to make sure you are not walking in the path of someone hitting a ball.
Use Golf Cart Strategically: If you’re using a golf cart, plan your movements efficiently. Drop off a player at their ball with their selected clubs before proceeding to your own. This minimizes unnecessary back-and-forth trips.
Be Ready on the Green: When on the green, be ready to putt as soon as it’s your turn. Reading the green and planning your putt in advance can significantly reduce the time spent on the green.

By incorporating these additional strategies into your ready golf approach, you’ll not only speed up your own play but contribute to an overall faster and more enjoyable round for everyone on the course. Remember, the key is to stay ready, stay engaged, and keep the game moving!


In conclusion, ready golf is not just a strategy; it’s a mindset that can enhance your golf experience. From navigating Toronto’s diverse courses to offering beginners a smoother entry into the game, the principles of ready golf benefit everyone. By incorporating simple strategies and preparation tactics, you contribute to a faster, more enjoyable pace of play. So, the next time you step onto the course, remember the mantra: be ready, be swift, and most importantly, have fun!