Golf Teachers

If you want to truly improve your game, we highly suggest getting lessons from a qualified professional. Learn from a professional and come to Tracer Golf to work on the drills.

If you prefer the DIY approach, there are an incredible number of free resources on the Internet, especially Youtube. Many teachers also provide online lessons at very reasonable prices.

The following is a collection of golf learning resources. We make no endorsements and suggest you select a teacher that fits with your style of learning.

Want to teach at Tracer Golf?

All golf teachers and coaches are welcome to teach at Tracer Golf. Whether you are a full time professional or enjoy teaching part-time, you are free to use Tracer Golf’s facilities. No exclusivities and no commissions. By keeping our prices low, more people can afford lessons and practice more. #growthegame.

Contact us and let us know how we can improve the teaching environment.

GTA In-Person Golf Teachers

Many of these will also provide online lessons and swing reviews

If you know of any other Golf teachers that should be listed here, let us know

Online Golf Teachers

Malaska Golf


Dan Carraher




Chris Ryan


George Gankas


Shawn Clement


Rebellion Golf


Athletic Motion Golf


Eric Cogorno


Dan Whittaker Golf


Top Speed Golf


Danny Maude